Eating the GM Diet way

An increase of a few pounds and heightened stress levels in the past few months have been driving me quite crazy of late. So I decided to go on the  the GM Diet to get some control back in my life. Now, I have done this once before. But like may be 10 years back. And what from I remember it was not bad at all except for the fourth day when I fainted. So I girded my loins and went for it. And boy was I wrong about it being easy. Luckily, I had 2 partners in crime who did this diet with me. That’s the only reason I survived. Read on to know more. 

For those of you who don’t know what this diet is all about; here is a brief description. The GM Diet was developed by the General Motors Company for the health and wellness of their employees. It involves disciplined eating of only certain pre-approved foods for a period of 7 days. When done in strict accordance, one could lose 7-10 pounds during the course of the diet. But the other benefits like heightened energy, a detoxed system and beautiful clear skin are what make this diet truly worth it. This is the GM Diet schedule and pictures of what I ate on each of the days. 

Day 1: Only fruits (except bananas) 

Day 2: Only vegetables 


Day 3: Both fruits and vegetables 

Day 4: Bananas (4 nos) and milk (3 glasses) and vegetable soup

Day 5: Only beef and tomatoes / rice or legumes and tomatoes for vegetarians 


Day 6: Only beef and vegetables / rice or legumes and vegetables for the vegetarians 

Day 7: Only vegetables and fruits / rice or legumes, vegetables and fruits

Haha! No, this isn’t what I ate on Day 7. Just checking to see if you are paying attention. 

(No milk, except on Day 4 and no alcohol on all days.) 

Simple enough right? Wrong! I know of a couple of people who have not survived beyond day 2 because this diet isn’t a cakewalk (pun intended). So here I’ve put together a cheat sheet to ensure you stay the course. 

– Co-op a friend to do this diet with you. Alcohol on the GM Diet is a no-no. That means going to to dinner and drinks is not going to happen for a week. And if you don’t want to feel like a social out-cast do this diet with a friend so you both can wallow in misery together or watch Star Wars like we did 😛 do not contemplate doing shots of NyQuil because you cannot drink!   

– The first day is the easiest because you will probably be all charged up and enthusiastic. The degree of difficulty increases on Day 2. Give yourself a pep talk and stay the course. 
– In my opinion it’s easiest to fall off the wagon on days 2&3. The diet is relatively new and you will have violent cravings for regular food and also you will think you have the least to loose because you are just a couple of days into the diet. 

– Day 3 is when you will feel the weakest, physically. Try to make sure this falls on a weekend. If not then you may end up working from home like I did. 

– Drink plenty of water on all days. And if you are like me and don’t like water then have lemon tea or iced tea or green tea. Just keep hydrated. 

– Try to workout as often as you can. It will take your mind off food haha

– Day 3 is the absolute worst. DO NOT FEEL SORRY for yourself on this day. The thought of fruits and veggies may turn you off but think of being 10 pounds lighter and keep going. 

– Day 4 will be better, trust me 🙂 Don’t skip the soup because it will fill you up and provide nutrition. 

– Day 5 is a delight for beef lovers. Sucks for us vegetarians but you can reward yourself with some cottage cheese (paneer) or soy chunks to supplement protien from the legumes. Tomatoes are super important as they are acidic and will cleanse your system. 

– Day 6 and day 7 should be relatively easy as by now your body is in the rhythm of the diet. Just take it easy and try to not go overboard when the diet ends. Your body is super cleansed and it’s best to carefully ease into the cycle of regular meals instead of stuffing your face with Burger King the minute the diet is done. 

I think I’ve made my point – this isn’t an easy diet. And some of you who follow me on Instagram have asked me this – so was it worth it? Here’s my answer. 

I am 6 pounds lighter, my clothes fit better, my skin is the best it’s been in years and my energy levels are also crazy good post the diet. Hell yeah, it’s worth it. But the real victory is the victory of mind over body. Of will-power over temptation. And that to me was the icing on the cake (pun intended 😉). 

Do the diet, it will make you feel the best you have felt in years. And after the diet when you sip your first beer, I promise, you will feel heaven on your lips. And you will get buzzed after just one pint too haha 

All the best and let me know how the GM Diet goes for you. If you have any questions about it, ask away. 


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