SAEM Facemask – Review

I am an absolute sucker for facemasks. Brightening masks, pore tightening masks, cleansing masks, I’ve tried them all! Recently, I was gifted a range of masks from Korea. I have been trying them out sparingly as I know they will all be bomb – Koreans know their beauty and make-up like no one else afterall. 

This post is on the SAEM Natural Pomegranate Mask Sheet. I got a one trial packaging piece which is super convenient when you want to just sample the wares. The instructions say that the mask is to be placed appropriately on the face avoiding the eye and mouth area. I tried to do just that but it was the slipperiest mask ever, and kept sliding down much to my chagrin. Oh well. Sanity should have prevailed and I should have lay down to avoid the mask sliding around, but no; I am much too stubborn to let a facemask get the better of me! 

After letting the mask soak and slide all over my face for 20 mins, I took it off and squeezed the nourishing serum from it and patted it into my face. I let the serum soak into my skin through the night. In the morning, I splashed my face with warm water. And I must admit that my skin felt soft and utterly glowing! Such a lovely sensation – my pores appeared tighter and my skin had amazing bounce…just like a babies bottom lol 

I give this mask a big thumbs up and I cannot wait to try my stash of other face masks soon. Watch this space for more reviews. 


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