Lancome Absolu Voyage (and a little bit of Lisa Eldridge)

Recently one of my favorite makeup artists, Lisa Eldridge announced that she is the new Global Creative Director of Makeup for Lancome. While I love Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, this news got me genuinely more excited about Lancome as a brand. When Lisa was associated with Chanel she really did wonders for them. Her tutorials on the Chanel website were a delight. And I truly admired the way she divorced her personal blog and Youtube channel from all the work she did for Chanel. She was a real asset to Chanel and someone really dropped the ball with her by letting her go to Lancome. I only hope she is able to continue running her personal blog and videos totally differentiated from the work she will do for Lancome.

Anyway, on to the main meat of this post – the Lancome Absolu Voyage. This is a travel edition of makeup from Lancome. Since I just posted on a similar travel makeup palette from Dior – Dior Couture Palette, Voyage Edition, (read the review here) I am quite likely to compare the two…not ideal but I am incorrigible 🙂

The packaging of the palette is not that great. For a palette that costs USD 80 (also available on Amazon), I was expecting much better packaging.

Processed with Moldiv

The palette contains:

2 shades of concealer – Hallelujah!

One blush – a subtle and very chic pink with gorgeous shimmer and a brush

One Virtuose Mascara – very effective in lengthening

6 beautiful shades of eyeshadows – bone, pink, mauves, silver and black. But the staying power of these shimmery powder is very poor – 3 hours at the most! They don’t blend very well either. Huge miss 😦

The eyeshadow brush is surprisingly decent.

One khol pencil which is really good – intense color and very pliable.

2 shades of lip color – a nude shade and a pinkish red shade. Nice shades but not adequate. There is a lip brush in the palette as well.

1 lipgloss

1 lip pencil in a beautiful nude shade called Rose Tea

A translucent face powder with a sponge.

Overall, I think the Dior Couture Palette is a much better buy than this one. The Dior palette is USD 20 more expensive but definitely worth the extra payout. The concealers, the lip pencils, the Khol pencil and the blush are huge plus for this palette. That said I missed my YSL Touche Eclat highlighter pen, more lip colors and my makeup brushes. The eyeshadows were the biggest disappointment and perhaps the main reason I would not recommend this palette.



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