TLC for Hair

Last weekend, I experienced the Moroccan Hair Spa at Bounce Style Lounge on Vittal Mallya Road in Bangalore. It is an hour long experience from hair wash to styling. And while it is not very relaxing (Bounce insists on playing ‘bouncey’ dance and house music) it is most definitely a treat for the hair.

They have a number of hair spa treatments but I chose the Moroccan treatment as it uses all my favorite Moroccan hair products and also because it was highly recommended by a friend. The treatment starts at INR 1800 + taxes and the final price one pays depends on the length and thickness of ones hair. I paid 1900 + taxes (approx. INR 2200). Well, actually my husband paid as it was his treat to me for Diwali πŸ™‚

The treatment starts with the therapist washing ones hair with Moroccan Shampoo, conditioning with Moroccan conditioner and rinsing. This is followed by the application of a Moroccan Hair Mask mixed with Moroccan Oil which she massages into the scalp and hair for approx. 15 mins. Next she steams the scalp for approx. 5 mins so that the nourishing ingredients of the mask are absorbed into the hair. This is followed by a cold water rinse, some Moroccan oil, and drying + styling.


Like I said, the spa treatment is certainly not very relaxing as Bounce is not a Spa but a hair salon. The environment is busy and noisy. That said, the treatment is definitely a treat for ones hair. My hair felt like silk at the end of the treatment. And it smelt like heaven. I would definitely recommend this treatment, especially if you have dry / damaged hair caused by excessive chemical treatments or hair color. The treatment is recommended to be had monthly or every 3 weeks if you have really dry hair.

Ask for Tanya to do your treatment. She is a magician. Enjoy!

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