Body Shaming


I have been reading a lot about body shaming lately. I haven’t really given it much thought till I found myself a victim! Not that I am an angel myself. I do take the occasional jab at celebrities who seem over-weight / unhealthy but mostly, as far as ‘real people’ / people I know are concerned I am usually of the opinion – Live and Let Live. For example, I would look at Mariah Carey’s latest picture and lament her loss of figure as compared to her nubile nymphet self in ‘Dream Lover’, prancing around in Daisy Duke shorts in lush green meadows. But I would never, ever look at a friend who just had a baby and tell her she looks like a deflated balloon.
So I was unpleasantly taken aback when someone remarked that I looked chubby! Well, thanks for the information. Maybe I should have told those people that they look uglier than usual and perhaps they should consider getting a new face! I can lose weight but can they grow better looks?! Hell no! People in glass houses…blah blah!
So big, HUGE lesson learnt – it hurts to have ones appearance made fun of. Will I stop after being a victim? Perhaps not. But I have learnt to take these comments in my stride, grow stronger as a consequence and even let these comments motivate me to lose weight.
The next time someone makes fun of my chubbiness or of my thick 8.5 power eye glasses; they are certainly not getting a reaction from me. But they are definitely getting a dose of their own medicine when the time is right.
Score chubby girl with glasses.


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