Down the Rabbit Hole. Well, Not Really.

The Black Rabbit is a newest Gastro-Pub in Bangalore, one among many that have sprung up all over the city. I went there for dinner and drinks last Saturday and had a pretty decent time, overall.

I was told by the manager(?) (he was wearing a suit while the other service staff wasn’t, so I am assuming he was the manager or equivalent) that The Black Rabbit hasn’t officially opened so they didn’t have a drinks menu; but who cares because they do have a full bar šŸ™‚ We had lots of Kingfisher draught beer (Rs 200 a mug) – the best kind and Whiskey Sours. We ordered 4 Whiskey Sours and each of the 4 tasted different. The first Whiskey Sour was a Long Island šŸ™‚ – they messed up the order. The second one was just about ok. The third one hit the spot and the 4th was too sour. Inconsistency perhaps attributable to the fact that the place is still new.

The food menu isn’t expansive but it is sufficient and reasonably priced. We tried a few dishes –

Crispy Potato Skins with Cheese: Looks blah and tastes blah.Ā 

–Ā Blossoming Onions: Tastes better than it looks.

Baked Filo with Spinach, mushrooms and Cheddar cheese: Looks burnt but tastes good. Was recommended by who I think is the manager as a replacement for Grilled Tofu Teriyaki as they had run out of Tofu.

Vegetarian Lasagna: Tasted worse than it looked. We found a stone in the Lasagna – yummy!

TBRs Nasty Double Beef burger: Tasted better than it looked. We were told that they use marrow in their burgers to make them softer, juicier and yummier.

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The location of The Black Rabbit is awesome, on 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar (same premises as were Sunny’s used to be). I loved the interiors especially the light installation on the ceiling. The crowd was very mixed, spanning ages 21 to 60+. But the vibe of the decor will definitely appeal more to the 30+ age group. Probably too early to comment on the crowd as the place is very new and still to settle down.The DJ sucked. I wished I had my iPod to drown out the terrible music he insisted on playing.

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So, did I like the place? I would definitely give it a second chance, maybe in a month after it has had time to settle down. The Black Rabbit does have potential to be a really nice place for some dinner and a couple of drinks before heading out to more hopping places for more drinks; it is after all located on 100 Feet Road just off 12th main – the new Mecca of nightlife in Bangalore city. Hopefully it will get over it’s teething issues soon. Fingers crossed.

In my eagerness to have a really good time at The Black Rabbit, I returned 3 days later, when they had officially opened. I had a colossally bad evening – very bad food, slow and cloyingly over-attentive service and the most terrible music I have ever heard. I am certainly not going back and definitely sticking to my favorite Gastro-Pub Monkey Bar in Indiranagar. Amen.


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