Impressed with imPress Press-On Manicure

I have been in San Francisco on work this past week and had some free time so I walked to a Walgreens that was across the street from my hotel on Jones Street. Browsing through the aisles I came across imPress Press on Manicure. Lots of different kinds of nail lengths, colors and nail art and very reasonably priced at approx $5 for a set of 24 nails. Very intrigued, I bought myself a set of short length, French manicure nails that had a little bow nail art.
Back in my hotel room, it took literally 5 mins to apply the nails.

Step 1: Arrange the nails; thumb to pinky finger, for all 10 fingernails.

Step 2: Ensure your nails are clean (you should not be wearing any polish or even a base coat). For a final cleanse use the little wet cloth that comes in the kit.
Start application with your forefinger/second finger and move to your pinky. Apply the thumbs last or they will get in the way.

Step 3: Peel the transparent cover on the back of a nail and press it down on your natural nail firmly. Hold in place for a couple of seconds.

Step 4: After applying all the falsies, file your false nails to a smoother finish. You can use the tiny filing board that comes with the kit or use your own.

Step 5: Give your nails 5 mins to set.

My imPress Press-On manicure lasted an entire week and would have lasted longer had I not peeled the nails off out of sheer boredom. They peel off nice and easy after a 2 second dip into nail polish remover. I liked these nails so much that I bought a couple of more to take back home with me. And I will post pictures the new falsies as and when I try them out.

Have a good weekend!


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