Easy Peasy, Low Fat Breakfast Egg Sandwich

Hello everyone!
I wanted to share a recipe for making a breakfast egg sandwich with you all. It’s simple, yummy and uses absolutely no fat in the form of oil or butter. My husband, Varun (who is a Chef) has this for breakfast almost everyday.


His Muai Thai trainer taught him the basic recipe and he has, like the pro Chef he is, taken it to a whole new level. So here goes.

Yummy breakfast eggs in 5 easy steps.


Basic Ingredients
1) Bread (I like having the crust on)
2) 2 eggs
3) Salt and pepper to taste

Extra Ingredients
4) Cheese (optional)
5) Sriracha or Mexican hot chilly sauce (optional)
6) Chilly flakes (optional)
You can also use mayo, mustard, sour cream, etc. Anything your heart desires as the extras. It all depends on your personal taste and how much fat you want to add on. My husband used cheese and chilly – my favorites.

Step 1: Break 2 eggs into a bowl
Step 2: Add salt, pepper and chilly flakes to taste and beat for a minute.
Step 3: Put the bowl into a microwave oven and cook for 1 min 30 secs.
Step 4: Toast your bread and place it on a plate. Add sauces and cheese as per your preference.
Step 5: Take the cooked, fluffed up eggs out from the micro, ease the sides of the eggs with a fork and turn the eggs over onto the toasted bread.


Cut the sandwich and enjoy! 🙂 Thank you Varun for sharing this fabulous recipe!


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