A change in haircut, styling or color is probably the easiest way to completely change the way one looks. I have never been one to shy away from trying out hair colors (red to blonde streaks) or haircuts (pixie to hip length) but the most transformative cut I have had is definitely bangs.


My colleagues at work have failed to recognize me. And if that sounds unbelievable, here’s a clincher. I was traveling to Hong Kong this week. At immigration, the officer could not match my current look to my photograph in my passport! I had to finally pull my bangs back and show him my face in all it’s glory for him to let me pass through. And people behind me had a good laugh at my expense. Oh well.

I have fallen completely in love my bangs. And even though they are high maintenance I am surely keeping them for a while. I have had them for almost a year now and I have my own list of tips for cut and maintenance. Here they are:

1) Experiment with ‘light’ bangs first before you go for thicker bangs. Lighter bangs are easier to grow out.


2) Thicker bangs will eat into the total thickness of your hair making your hair appear thinner so if you have thin hair, lighter bangs are better for you.
3) Get your bangs cut a little shorter than u / your hairdresser think appropriate. You will look a little silly because they are short, but this is the best way to know which length suits you best as they grow out. Once you know the length that’s best for your face, get a trim every 4 weeks to maintain the length.
4) If you have an oily forehead like me, your bangs are likely to get oily as well. In this case, dry shampoo or even baby powder are your new best friends to soak up the oil from your bangs and revive them.
5) If your hair is not naturally straight, you will need to iron your bangs regularly. If you are running short on time, just iron your bangs and pull the rest of your hair up into a messy bun for a polished and put-together look.
6) If you have stubborn hair like mine, that refuses to fall over your forehead or naturally starts to part in the middle or side; this is THE most important tip for you. You must use an eye mask when you sleep at night. And this eye mask MUST cover your bangs / hold it in place even if it does not cover your eyes. This process will slowly ‘convince’ your stubborn bangs to hang down over your forehead.


7) Bangs will cut down your makeup time by half! You will really not need to do any elaborate eye makeup. A slick of bright lipstick will be really all you will need to look smashing!


So that’s all from me, folks. Hope these tips help you. And don’t forget to share your own experiences with bangs in the comments below.

Happy banging 😜


2 thoughts on “Bangs

  1. Ohhh, love those thick bangs + bright lips + blue polish in the 1st pic! 🙂
    I’ve got side swept bangs and tried to grow them out last year. Didn’t like it at all so I went back to bangs 😀

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