Pool Party

Pool Party is my first ever buy from Ciate. I have bought this brand as gifts for friends but never bought and used it myself even though I have always admired the oh-so-cute packaging. I have a major thing for bows 🙂 When I saw this gorgeous blue in Sephora, I couldn’t resist grabbing it. Such a rich, inky, royal blue color. The polish glides on like a dream and has stupendous color payoff with just 2 coats. I am still testing the chipping resistance but the polish has so far survived a long distance flight to Paris and me lugging around some heavy luggage (I am most definitely NOT a light traveller!) all over the place. I give it a thumbs up for sure and promise to buy more of Ciate in the future.


So I neglected to maintain my mani and as a result the nail polish chipped a little. Since I was traveling outside the country and didn’t have handy access to nail polish remover, I took matters into my own hands, literally. I chipped away at the already chipped polish resulting in a grundge-y look like so. And have since then got a number of questions on how I achieved this cool rocker-chick look LOL! This is so funny that I couldn’t help but share it with everyone. Have a look and have a great week.



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