Oye Hoy Tandoor, Yaar!

Indian food. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I eat it everyday, my mom is a killer cook. But I prefer to not have it when I go out. The main reason is this – I don’t think Indian food in restaurants is a patch on what my mom makes. However, I do make exceptions at times; depending on the restaurant. Tandoor is one of those Indian restaurants I would definitely make an exception for.

I went there with my husband this past week. The good was exceptional as usual and heavy. We ate so much that we came home and literally passed out to wake up only the next morning!

Here’s the skinny(?) on the food we demolished.
Starters: The Chicken Tikka was smokey, perfectly spiced, succulent and absolutely melt-in-the-mouth. The plating in the picture is very fine dining because my husband, who is a profession chef, plated it. The Masala Papad was crisp with lots of juicy tomatoes and spicy onions. We polished these off with ice cold Kingfisher beer.
Dinner was Naan bread, Lacchedar paratha with black daal, Mutton Rogan Josh and Palak Paneer. The breads were perfectly done. The black daal was creamy – perfect! The Mutton Rogan Josh was fork-tender and well spiced. The Palak Paneer was creamy, just the way I like it and the paneer itself was soft and juicy. This food was accompanied by little pickled onions and hot and sour pickle. Again, all the food was washed down with litres of chilled Kingfisher.

We were too stuffed to have dessert but we did have lots of after dinner mints and mouth freshners. A good close to a wonderful meal.

Tandoor is very reasonably priced and the service is fast and efficient. The ambience is OTT but overall it’s a good ‘neighborhood’ Indian restaurant for a quite Sunday night meal.



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