Yay Yauatcha!

I have had the supreme pleasure of dining at Yauatcha once a month since it opened in December. This number would have gone one up had I not fought with my husband a couple of days back when we went there with friends; and I refused to eat ๐Ÿ˜‰ However, this review is based on the food my husband and I had there, last weekend, when we were not fighting haha

We started our meal with drinks, as usual – Jim Beam Black + Coke for him and Kingfisher Beer for me. The restaurant folk served us some pickled carrots and pickled raw pumpkin with soy sauce and 3 kinds of sauces – chilly sauce, garlic chilly sauce and sweet & sour sauce. The sauces are absolutely delish and can take a simple fried rice to a whole new level – great accompaniments.


Our appetizers comprised Chicken Char Sui Bun and Golden Fried Vegetable Puff. Both are good. The Char Sui Bun was a little on the sweeter side.ย  But the Golden Fried Vegetable Puffs were to die for! They are my absolute favorite from the very first time I had them. I have always wondered how the chefs manage to get the fine, crispy, hair-like texture.



For our main course we had…quite a lot! Ho Fan Noodle (a flat noodle), Fried Rice with Long Bean, Stir-fry Tenderloin in Black Pepper Sauce and Spicy Aubergine, Sato Bean, Okra and French Bean. The Egg Fried Rice with Long Bean was superlative. Absolute killer dish. Very good flavor and perfect kind of stickiness to make a happy-mess-in-the-mouth. This rice could be my last meal on my deathbed and I would die a happy woman. The tenderloin was…well, expensive and not that great in taste. That one single dish cost more than a meal for two + drinks at one of our regular Chinese restaurants. Enough said.


We got the restaurants signature dessert, the Raspberry Delice, complimentary. We were stuffed but we ate it all. Honestly, compared to the food it was a major let-down. It’s a raspberry dark chocolate mousse with raspberry insert, hazelnut brownie and raspberry ripple ice cream. Sounds better than it tastes and looks. Note to self: Next time at Yauatcha, don’t have dessert.


Overall, we had a delightful meal at Yauatcha. Their menu has many treasures which one can only discover with repeated visits. The ambiance is not great, the service is ordinary, the prices are on the higher side and the desserts (I have tried a few more on my earlier visits) are avoidable. Go there for just the food and you will not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Yay Yauatcha!

  1. I was nodding along to everything you said. I LOVE their fried rice. And the prawns are awesome too. Spot on observation on the desserts menu. Quite missable. ๐Ÿ™‚
    PS- are you no longer vegetarian?

    1. Thanks Monica! I am still vegetarian. The professional chef / husband / companion for the meal gave very valuable feedback on the non-vegetarian food. Will recommend the prawns to him on our next visit there.

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