The Coolest Kid I know

Precocious, angelic and a bundle of energy. These are the first few words that come to mind when I think of the coolest kid I know. Her name is Mia and she is 6 years old. And honestly, the poor child had no option to be anything but brilliant and cool. Her lineage demands it. Her mother, Tanya, is a wardrobe stylist…A very talented one at that and you can check out her work here. She has her own line of shoes which she retails under the Blue Bean label. Her father is a very accomplished graphic designer. He is Associate VP and Sr Creative Director at JWT, the leading advertising agency in India. That’s too much pressure to be an overachiever, me thinks 😉 But Mia is well on her way to achieving awesomeness. She is super talented, sharp and a delight to hang out with. Every moment is joyful and full of discovery. I hear that kids are usually like this. But Mia is a different creature. Here’s a sampling of her radical cuteness.

A hairstyle inspired by Miley Cyrus. And Mia totally kills it, more than Miley Cyrus ever could. Do you know anyone cooler? No seriously, do you? 🙂


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