Sanchos. No Manches! πŸ˜‰

Sanchos is a chain of Mexican restaurants with branches in Delhi, Bombay and Bangalore. I tried the Bangalore branch that is at U B City, one of my favourite f&b spots in the city.

This is what we had:
Fiesta Nachos: Tortilla chips over a bed of refried beans topped with yellow corn tortilla chips, cheese sauce, pico de gallo salsa, guacamole, sour cream, olives and sliced jalapeΓ±os
Nachos with 3 sauces (sauces with varying degrees of heat – mild, smokey and strong. I liked smokey the best.)
Main course
Pork Burrito
Vegetables Frajita
Dessert platter comprising Tres Leches, Churros, Cajeta Flan and Air Bunuelos
Plus we had Corona beer in keeping with the Mexican theme, Kingfisher beer because I am Indian and I love my Kingfisher beer and Margaritas.


The food was edible. Didn’t blow me out of the ballpark. The Margarita was passable. But the desserts…oh my the desserts were outstanding. So who goes to a Mexican restaurant to have dessert? Aaaah, I would have dessert in a Mexican restaurant if it salvaged my meal. And that’s exactly what the desserts at Sanchos did. My favourite was Tres Leches – ‘a delicious soaked cake, home-made style’ is how the menu describes it. That line doesn’t do it any justice. This is probably the most outstanding dessert I have had in a while now. The Churros were my next most liked. The Cajeta Flan was decent and so was the Air Bunuelos; which by the way, would taste like heaven paired with a strong coffee, I think.

For all this food, 4 beers and a Margarita the bill was 6000 INR (100 USD approx.) which I thought was quite pricey for mediocre food. So would I go back to Sanchos? For the food, maybe not. But for the Tres Leches…hellz yeah, in a heartbeat! Signing of this post with a little pray that a decent Mexican restaurant sees the light of day in Bangalore soon.

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