Going Dotty!

Inspired by my many talented friends in the WordPress community, I finally got the nerve to experiment with some nail art. This is what the final outcome looked like. I tried a simple design as it was the first time I have tried any kind of nail art.



These are all the things I used to create the design.

Processed with Moldiv

1)      White nail polish from Color Bar

2)      Fuchsia pink nail polish from Color Bar

3)      Paper pins with rounded heads


Processed with Moldiv

Here is how to re-create this simple look:

Step 1: Paint all your finger nails white. I applied 2 coats of the Color Bar white as it is quite streaky with just one coat.

Step 2: After the white has dried completely, create polka dots in fuchsia on your accent finger.

Pour out a tiny amount of the fuchsia into a plastic cup.

Dip the rounded head of the paper pin into the fuchsia.

Tap off the access fuchsia polish.

Use the fuchsia covered pinhead to stamp-on a ‘dot’ on your accent nail.

Repeat in random placement all over the accent nail.

Step3: Once the dots on the accent nail have dried, apply a top coat to seal the deal!


Simple, isn’t it? 🙂


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