Summer Lovin’

Hey everyone!

It is already summer time in India and I am soooo loving it! In my head, it is always summer so now that I can finally dress to match the mood in my head and it feels great! To celebrate this most glorious season, I bought a pair of flip-flops from a brand called Chumbak. They make the most awesome products that are all inspired by India. Their products are bright, colorful and super fun. Have a look at their stuff on Facebook. I have linked their page to their name above. They don’t deliver outside India but as they say on their FAQs page, if you write them an email, they will figure a way of getting their products to you, somehow.

So anyway, here are the flip-flops I bought. The overall motif is an owl, that Chumbak has used extensively on many of their products. The left flip-flop is a turquoise blue and the right one is a shocking pink. The material the flip-flops are made of is soft and very comfortable. Perfect happy slippers for a happy summers day 🙂


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