Peculiar Particulière

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone had a good weekend…it is Monday afternoon as I write this and what an eventful half day I have had already. I cannot wait for the work day to end and I am really looking forward to some serious R&R when I catch up with some friends over a cuppa at Starbucks this evening.

This weekend, I was in the mood for upping the sophisticate in me so I pained my nails in this lovely taupe-y color from Chanel – Le Vernis Nail Color Particulière (USD 27). It’s a gorgeous grayish brown, that I think, not everyone can carry off well. There have been times that I have worn it and have had to take it off feeling that I am not doing it justice. And THAT is quite a tall order from a nail polish 🙂 I also think that this color evokes polarizing responses. One either loves it or absolutely hates it! I happen to waver between the two responses. I bought it because it thought it was one of the most beautiful browns I had seen. The first time I applied it, I hated it. And it took me a while to try it again a second time. It has grown on me over the years and I think it is definitely a must-have color in any nail polish collection. I call Particulière a peculiar color for all these reason 😉


Like all Chanel nail polishes, the Particulière is easy to apply. The brush is a little longer than most and thinner as well. Two costs are best for the true color payoff as one is streaky and translucent. At USD 27, it is not a value buy but it won’t clump or dry for a long, long time so it is definitely worth the $$.

Enjoy your week, everyone!

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