Daddy Cool

There is cool and then there is cool as lived by my friend, Giri.


Truly a beautiful person – outside and inside, Giri or Girikanth (he may kill you if you call him that 😉 ) Subramanyam is father to 2 handsome boys and husband to a goddess. Sangeeta, his lovely wife, has the patience to tolerate this eccentric mans idiosyncrasies and his unbridled passion for life.


Microlite pilot, tattoo frantic, avid party animal and gym maniac, Giri’s joi de vivre is envious and infectious. He is sharp, incisive and with his deep baritone, a thorough charmer. He and I share the same birthday and that’s where the similarity ends! I wish I had even as much as half the energy he does. Or I was half as brave (he has a bucket list of some amazing daredevil tasks) as he is. I am yet to come across someone who comes close to him on the ‘cool meter’.


And since I am crazy about tattoos, here is a closer look at two of Giri’s tattoos. This one is quite simple. It’s inspired by the sign of his zodiac – the sign of the Gemini. He says is proud to be a Gemini and always wanted to sport his sun sign on his person…however, he is going to have the design redone and updated soon. All the best with that, Girikanth!


The second one was done very spur-of-the-moment, while having a couple of beers whilst waiting for his friend who was getting a tattoo. It’s ‘hot stuff’ a fun devil in the comics that Giri read when he was growing up (yes, he is that old hehe wham! take that, Girikanth lol). He got this updated with a Celtic design to hold it together better and then got his wife and kids’ names tattooed in (Sangeeta, Arya and Ansh), close to him for eternity. Yes, he IS a soft like that 🙂


Phew! That’s quite the man we have here, isn’t it?! And a parting shot. Here is a picture of Giri in his younger days, juxtaposed against a more recent picture. Now THAT is inspiration to young men everywhere. Men can and do mature to become MORE handsome as they grow ‘old’er. Wine DOES get better with age 🙂 Cheers to you Giri and your indomitable love for life.



If I am found in a mangled heap after this post is published it is quite likely that the perpetrator of that henious crime is Giri, enraged by all the digs I have made at his expense in the post above 🙂

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