Living it up in Los Angeles and San Francisco

Hello everyone!

I had the most awesome time traveling on work to LA and San Francisco a couple of weeks back. Even though I travelled there on work I managed to make some time to have a lot of fun as well. Pictures speak a thousands words. So here is my billion word essay on what I did in the United States.

I stayed at the Mondrian on Sunset in LA. Beautiful hotel. Amazing food. I got upgraded to a suite which was super awesome ☺️ I also managed to do a quick trip to Santa Monica and Venice.


I did some goofing around in my room with this ‘hand’ that was a part of the room decor.


Next I travelled to San Francisco. It was colder compared to LA and I had a fun time bundling up everyday. I shiver when the temperature in India drops to 20 C so 6 C was super cold for me! I took a bunch of typical American-girl-in-restroom-selfies. Yes, I goofed around quite a bit on this trip!


I also went to a bunch of cool restaurants and had some delish f&b. Attended ‘Parties that Cook’ where parties of people don aprons and cook their own meals under the watchful eyes of professional chefs.


Here are some night time pictures from San Francisco. The club pictures are from the (in)famous Ruby Skye where the music is mindblowing but one needs to be prepared to be hit on every minute! Oh well…


This post probably seems never ending by now lol so I will end it. But it’s not really possible for me to travel and not buy make-up. So my next post will be on my beauty haul from LA and San Francisco. So watch out for that.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

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