Winging it with Petrol Blue

Winged eyeliner is my most favorite go-to eye make-up look. With alot of patience, alooot of practice and the right tools I find it is perhaps the fastest way to achieve a glamorous look; especially if one has prominent eyes like I do.

Here is a winged liner look created with Mac Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner Pencil in Petrol Blue.


I love this color. It’s a beautiful really intense navy blue with some sparkle. I absolutely adore the sparkle. It makes me happy 🙂 For me the purpose of make-up is to make me happy and this does the job really well. The product itself is very soft and glides on effortlessly. The soft texture causes the pencil to finish up faster as compared to any other brand. That said, one would imagine it would wear off fast as well. But it doesn’t smudge even after an entire day of wear! I have paired this look with nude lips and even an eye-popping red and it works really well with both. This versatility has made this one of my most preferred looks for myself.


Have a great day everyone 🙂

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