There is no such thing as too many shoes

Meet my friend, Sanjay Bhatt aka sexy Sanj (that’s what the girls call him) or Sanjay Maam (a respectful suffix attributed by boys to him in the hope that their girlfriends will forget he is sexy!). This post is dedicated to his Imelda Marcos-ish shoe collection. He claims to gave 50 pairs. I would hazard a guess that his collection hovers more in the vicinity of 80. Here is a picture of his prized possessions.


He has an enviable eye for shoes. Probably because he is an artist ( he is a very senior Creative Director in one of India’s largest advertising agencies) or probably because his wife is a wardrobe stylist for TV commercial shoots and fashion shoots or maybe she is a wardrobe stylist because he is so fashion forward – Chicken and egg story! Here are some of the coolest pairs from his collection.


Top to bottom: Nike, Zara, Ruosh, Jack and Jones, Stonefly, Shorty Capone, Adidas Stan Smith and United Colors of Benetton

It would be unfair for Sanjay’ s shoe collection to overshadow his overall dress sense. He experiments a lot with color and also with patterns. There is always at least one interesting item of clothing or accessory on his person every, single, day. I think it’s a sense of style that comes within. That’s what makes it cool, effortless and natural. I also think Sanjay’s moustache is very cool. He grew it for Movenber last year, but has kept it on ever since.

In the picture below he is wearing a H&M Vintage Shirt, a quilted leather vest from Abercrombie and Fitch, H.E by Mango chinos in orange, a red belt from Gas and red shoes from Adidas Stan Smith.

I salute your sense of style, sexy Sanj and the boys calling you Sanjay Maam is testimony to your alluring innate coolness 😉


All pictures are courtesy Sanjay Bhatt.

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