Meet Kutts

Hello everyone! I would like you all to meet my friend Vinayak a.k.a Kutts, as he is fondly called by his friends. I am featuring him on my blog for his stellar choice of clothes as demonstrated by his ensemble this past Saturday. A couple of us friends went to The Loft here in Bangalore city. It is one of the newest and therefore most happening lounge bars here. So anyway, I loved what Kutts was wearing on our night out and here is a post dedicated to his clashing-colors-sartorial-splendor!

Tee: Hard Rock Cafe, Yokohama – bought by him on the very last day of his stay in Japan (he lived and worked there for a number of years) and hence it has a great deal of emotional attachment

Trousers: Slim fit Corduroys from United Colors of Benetton

Shoes: Handmade loafers from Italy

I so admire it when men take a take a chance with their clothes and wear something daring. Especially so in India where they are quite conservative with their wardrobe choices. Kudos to Kutts! In my books he looked hot off the catwalks of Milan 😉

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