Missing them Care Bears

This past week has been crazy for me. Lots of work at the office coupled with some hectic travel have pretty much scrambled my brains! In the throes of self-pity I suddenly remembered the animated movie – Care Bears that always made me very happy when I was a kid. So I decided to do a Care Bears inspired nail art to amuse myself. I also haven’t been to the beauty salon in almost 3 weeks so my nails are atrociously unkempt. I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. Satisfy my longing for the Care Bears and also ensure my fingernails look like they belong to a human being 😛

Here is the look I created. It’s very simple to do primarily, because I used nail art stickers which I bought in Japan. This is the last of the cutesy bear stickers, sigh…So now I will actually have to put in the extra effort to create real nail art versus using stickers atleast when I have another hankering for them Bears. I have used Pink of Me from China Glaze as a base. It’s a lovely baby pink that is very sheer. I used 2 coats to get the right color pay-off, stuck on the bears and hearts after that and then a third coat of Pink of Me to seal the deal.

Hope you like it. xx

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