Ay Caramba! It’s Bahama Mama!

A deep plum shade that is inherently a beautiful color for winter. With a predominantly cool base, it makes fingers and toes appear slender on application. I finished the only bottle of this color I had. And this is adequate testimony to how much I like it. Unfortunately, it is not available in India so I have to rely on my local beauty salon for my fix of Bahama Mama. And every, single time I am done with my manicure and I am looking though the trove of nail varnishes to choose what I want the manicurist to apply, 8 times out of 10 I choose this rich, delicious plum shade.

Here is a picture of Bahama Mama on my toes. Notice, how it makes even my stubby toes appear elegant. I am wearing a vintage toe ring – an intricately designed fish in silver with little bells. A very typical piece of Indian jewelry that belonged to my mom and to my grandmum before her. Both wore it on their wedding day as an accessory to stunning Indian clothes. It was handed down to me and has grown to become very dear largely due to sentimental reasons.

One of my favorite nail polish colors and one of my favorite pieces of jewelry πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Ay Caramba! It’s Bahama Mama!

  1. This is beautiful. i love toe rings πŸ™‚ as a child I always pestered my mother to let me wear them but she said I could after I got married πŸ˜€ hehe and now I finally am .. also thats a very pretty colour nail polish.

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