A Pretty Pink for Every Mood (Even for a not-so-Pretty-Mood)

I have 7 lipsticks in pink. And probably another 10-12 lip glosses and lip balms in pink. And although I usually vehemently deny liking the color, at a subliminal level, I am draw to it. The reason I am conflicted about the color is because of the obvious, first-level inferences drawn when someone wears pink – girly, feminine, cutesy, etc. Now I must admit that there is nothing really wrong with any of these adjectives. But what I like about pink is the second level of qualities that one sees only when one scratches below the surface. And these qualities are that it is a very glamorous color and best of all, it is very versatile. One can go from candy pop to vixen with various shades of this color in the snap of ones fingers. Too philosophical for a color discussion? So here is the proof of the pudding – A picture of all the pink lipsticks I have, in the order of the list below and a comparative swatch (applied top to bottom on my arm).
You will notice that many of the lipstick bullets are quite used/beat up 😀 that’s because I use these colors very often. And the Estee Lauder Stay Pink has recently fallen from my hands to the floor so that one has definitely seen better times 😦 
1)      YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Fuchsia Innocence, USD 34
The major standout features of this product are the in-your-face pop color – bright fuchsia (definitely not for the faint-hearted) and the creaminess of the product on the lips. It feels like heaven and smells delish – a faint flowery fragrance. The stay power is not very good as with most creamy lip products but it wears off to a nice fairy tale-esque ‘bitten’ lip stain which is quite pretty.  I usually apply the lipstick once, blot and reapply for the perfect color pay-off.
Overall, it’s a very sexy pink.
2)      Estee Lauder in Stay Pink (02) USD 26
I got this lovely color as a giveaway at a breast cancer charity dinner hosted by Estee Lauder. I was quite happy to find it in my gift bag (along with a gloss in baby pink and a bottle of Pleasures – all Estee Lauder products). It’s a dark pink that isn’t too daring. 2 costs of this color are more than enough and at time just one application is also sufficient. Good to wear at work when you need a perk-up on a dull day without drawing unwanted attention to your lip color.
3)      Mac Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Love forever! USD 18
This is my most favorite pink. It’s the perfect balance of a alluring pop of color, not too creamy/drying a product and amazing staying power. On application in the morning it stays on till well past lunch time provided I am not stuffing a burger into my mouth! I use this color instead of my favorite Russian Red (Mac) at times when I want a strong lip that is not necessarily red. Love Forever! I usually apply 3 coats of this color for  night wear and 1/2 coats for day wear. The product is quite oddly shaped in the tube and I would recommend applying it with a lip brush. 
4)      Lakme 9 to 5
This is an Indian brand that has recently collaborated with one of my favorite make-up artists – Daniel Bauer to create some fantastic make-up products. Lakme is not a brand I have ever bought before. But the Daniel Bauer collaboration made me quite desperate to try it out.
The 9 to 5 lipsticks are very long-lasting. They are a little drying but I find that they work best post application of a lip balm which is wiped off after allowing the balm to moisturize the lips for 5-10 mins (depending on how dry the lips are).
  • Peony Goal, USD 7 is a brown-pink with a hint of sparkle. It’s a sophisticated color, good for a date at the movies or a formal work dinner. 
  • Pink Slip, USD 7 is a lovely pink best described as your-lips-but-better, for my lips and complexion. It’s looks a little more brown than it should in the swatch but it’s a very classy and ultra feminine light pink color on the lips. It is great paired up with a high-on-the-head messy bun, a dramatic cat eye and dewy skin. 
5)      YSL Rouge Volupte in Lingerie Pink (27), USD 34
A candy pink in the tube but wears to a sheer nude pink on the lips. I feel like it kind of stands out a bit much on my skin tone but I can imagine it looking fabulous on paler complexion. I wear this only as a stain using my fingertips so that it doesn’t wash me out as much as it would if I apply it in coats from the tube. I also top it up with some glitter gloss for a more glamorous touch. The product is super creamy and has a very lip balm-ish luxe feel, as it is, after all, a YSL product. 
6)      L’oreal Mauve-a-lish (510) USD 34
 A lady-like and very pretty lavender-pink, soft textured product that wears sheer on the lips and smells great too. It’s quite a natural pink that looks subtle but with just enough of a hint of color to look well put-together. 
So that’s a wrap of my pink lipsticks. Are you as obsessed about pink lipsticks as I am? And which one is your favorite? 

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2 thoughts on “A Pretty Pink for Every Mood (Even for a not-so-Pretty-Mood)

  1. I like the second one from the top – is that the Estee Lauder in Stay Pink (02)? Most pinks would probably be too cool-toned for my skin tone though, so I don’t have too many in my collection!

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