Making a Statement

Statement necklaces made a major come back this spring. Frankly, I am glad that is so. They are probably the second best way of ‘dressing-up’ and taking any look from drab to fabulous and from great to absolutely mind-blowing. (The best way ahead of statement necklaces, according to me, is the classic red lip.)

I have quite a collection of statement necklaces. I use them to dress up plain crew-neck tees in solid colours like black, white, grey, etc. I also use them to glam up an evening look. A classic LBD accessorised with one of these babies and a red lip works like a charm. They are also very useful when I have to move from work to cocktails. In such cases I just throw on a statement piece and make my eye makeup a little more dramatic and I’m ready without having to carry a change of clothes or having to rush home to change.
Statement necklaces are versatile and fun. And best of all, they are an interesting way to add a personalised quirky touch to any look.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from my personal collection.
1) A quirky pink and orange necklace from, approx. USD 30
( )
2) A blue tribal design inspired piece from Zara. I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for it but it couldn’t have been more than USD 50.
3) A white stones and diamonds piece from Accessorize. Again, can’t remember exactly how much I paid but it couldn’t have been more than USD 20.
4) A simple pink stones necklace from Accessorize which was gifted to me.
5) A lovely peacock / dreamcatcher inspired piece from South Africa, gifted by my father-in-law.

What do you think about statement necklaces or even statement jewellery in general?

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4 thoughts on “Making a Statement

    1. Aaaw that’s sad you had to sell it. But it’s common with statement necklaces that they are a little on the heavier side. Always better to try them on in person just to make sure they are not going to kill your neck.

      1. Yep, one shouldn’t underestimate their weight 😉
        It wasn’t so heavy when I tried it on but after a while it was just too much. Sneaky thing, haha.

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