Bête Noire – NOT!

In accordance with my obsession for dark nail polish colors, I was was instantaneously attracted to the Estee Lauder Bête Noire nail color which I saw on a signboard outside their store this past summer. My husband bought it for me as one of my many birthday gifts a couple of weeks later. Since then it has grown to become one of my most favorite colors and I wear it atleast once a month.

‘Bête Noire’ (20 USD) a deep purple color, with imperceptible freckles of gold (best visible in the bottle and hardly visible on the nails) and on application it finishes to a high impact, glamorous and glossy perfection. The application brush is very good. It is the perfect length to wick up just enough polish for the perfect 3-stroke application (which I can bearly do 😉 ). The polish itself dries fast. I usually apply 2 coats so I get the desired rich color pay-off and that takes about 5 minutes to dry completely. The polish doesn’t chip as it gets older but it, very oddly, fades away! I like the faded-at-the-edges look. It has a rocker-chick vibe which I find interesting.

Overall the nail varnish is a statement on the nails – feels and looks uber luxurious. I am still to wear it and not have someone ask me which color and brand I am wearing. No wonder it has grown to become a staple in my kit and a most beloved color.

Happy Holidays!

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