Orchid Haze

I love eye make-up. Color eyeshadows, sparkles, winged eyeliner, colored liner, bold eyelashes are my staple eye makeup looks. I have prominent eyes which means that I have a larger (than most people) surface area on my eyelids. However, my eyes themselves are not big. They are rather small. This used to trouble me quite a lot till a couple of years back – large lids and tiny eyes just didn’t seem to be an ideal combination! Now, I have grown to appreciate my eyes and even have fun with them as I play around with color, liner and lashes.

My latest make-up acquisition for my eyes is an amazing eye shadow quad from my most revered fashion designers – Tom Ford. A while back I blogged about his eye quad called She Wolf. I saw it in person at the Tom Ford counter in Lane Crawford, Hong Kong. It is quite beautiful and I almost bought it when I saw another eye shadow quad that was even more gorgeous – Orchid Haze. It has the most alluring mauves i have ever seen. I love mauves and they look suit me well as I have brown eyes. I felt that the browns of the She Wolf palette wouldn’t look as good as these dusty mauves would on me.

I have swatched the colors on my wrist for you to see. The product is easy to use and has a very luxe feel as I apply it over my lids. The color pay-off is sheer giving me the opportunity to build it up for a more intense look. The highlighter is super pretty. I wouldn’t recommend it for day wear as it is much too sparkly but it looks mind-blowing at night. I will update this post in a couple of days with pictures of the looks I have created. The quad comes with two two-sided brushes. I haven’t used them and I doubt I will as I am too faithful to my good old Mac brushes. But I will give them a try and review their quality and application.

Since I bought the quad, Pantone has announced it’s color for 2014 and guess what…? It’s Radiant Orchid and even though my eyeshadow quad isn’t as exuberant as the color chosen by Pantone, I am pleased that it is in the same family.

Happy holidays! xx



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