Thank You, Chanel for Making me Blush!

Cream blush, specifically, Le Blush Creme De Chanel, I think is the best thing to happen to makeup in a long, long time.

The product feels oh-so-soft to the touch, it glides on like a dream and when massaged into the skin, it makes my cheeks glow, as if from within! I wear it over POREfessional and then apply some loose powder over it. That makes it last all day. On those long work days I choose to grab a couple of beers with my friends after work, I just reapply a dab and it makes me glow afresh. In terms of the application, I use my righthand ring finger to pick up some of the product. I then rub that finger against my lefthand ring finger to warm up the blush. Then I use the product off my righthand ring finger on my right cheek and the product off my lefthand ring finger for my left cheek. I choose to use my ring fingers as they seem to apply the right kind of pressure (not too soft and not too hard) conducive to the application of this product. Unlike some other cream blushes that I have tried in the past, this product is not heavy. It is sheer and doesn’t streak. It has the smoothest application I have experienced with any cream blush.

I have two blush shades – Affinite and Revelation.

Affinite is a bright ‘pop’ pink which is perfect for night wear. I sometimes wear it during the day, on occasions where my skin is sallow and I need a perk-me-up. However in the daytime one would need to apply a lot less product as it is quite a bright shade of pink. Revelation is a dull, dusty rose pink best suited for daywear. It is a very subtle color that can also be used to perfectly compliment a dark lip that needs balance with a lighter cheek.

The best part about Le Blush Creme De Chanel is that it doubles up as a cheek and lip product. I have on a number of occasions dabbed a bit of the blush on my lips post application on the cheeks. Affinite offers a lovely rosebud color in a satin finish and Revelation offers a sophisticated almost nude allure.

I am a little partial to Affinite; as you can see I have used up a fair bit of it though I did buy it about 4 months before I bought Revelation.  Overall, this cream blush is a fantastic product. At $38 it isn’t inexpensive but I think it’s worth every penny.

Here is a picture of the two shades. Affinite to the left and Revelation to the right. Enjoy!



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