The Foundation of Make-up

I have never been a big fan of using foundation. I always feel like it looks too done up. But there are occasions that demand a done up look so I am glad I have discovered 2 foundations that I love.

The first is Chanel Lift Lumière ($65) in 40 beige, intensity 3.0. It glides onto my skin smoothly and leaves a slightly dewy texture. Even though it has been matched to my skin tone by the Chanel beauty specialist, it has a bronzy tone. I like using this for brunches and for parties where I am going for a sun-kissed look. I find it looks exceptionally beautiful on my skin when I am wearing white. Along with this foundation I use fine gold shimmer to highlight my face and the end effect, in most cases, is quite devastating! Not a very modest statement to make but it’s the absolute truth. The byline to the product claims that it is a firming and smoothening sunscreen fluid makeup. I haven’t used it regularly to substantiate this claim but it does a fairly good job of smoothing even though it has quite a sheer texture.

The second foundation I have just discovered and used only a couple of times is Gorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation ($65) in shade 5.5. The byline claims it to be a smoothening and firming foundation. I would definitely give it a thumbs up on smoothening. The firming properties weren’t apparent. That said, the foundation is lovely. It slides on perfectly and has a satiny texture. It matches my skin tone to a tee and has a very slight pink undertone that I feel brings a lovely glow to my skin. I would recommend using this foundation for very formal occasions for a polished, sophisticated and very well put-together look.

Comparing the above two foundations with each other, I think the Chanel Lift Lumière does a better job of letting my natural features shine through. The Gorgio Armani Designer Lift offers a more though coverage that makes my face a blank canvas on which I can literally paint a master piece! And I am glad for this difference. It means I can decide which one to use as per my requirement and the occasion for which I am applying makeup.

They are both great finds!



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