How I Fell in Love With Muay Thai

Last Saturday was a lot of fun. I watched the 2nd edition of the annual White Collar Boxing (WCB) event held in Bangalore, India. As the name suggests, the WCB comprises fighters who have day jobs that are wholly unrelated to fighting. For example, my husband. He is a chef by profession and in addition to that he trains for and fights Muay Thai in the WCB. Muay Thai is a martial art from Thailand. It’s similar to kickboxing but not the same thing. And that’s the simplest explanation I can think of to explain Muay Thai to a lay person.

It’s very difficult managing serious training, early morning workouts, no drinking, exercising control over food; all alongside managing a regular day-job. To me it’s so much more difficult managing all this alongside an already very demanding profession of being a chef; which comes with inordinately late working hours, testy restaurant guests, demanding executive chefs and worse, being surrounded by good food 24/7 and not being able to eat any of it! I admire my husband for his commitment to Muay Thai. I think it takes an extraordinary person to have the kind of dedication and passion that he inspires me with, every single day.

The WCB event itself was mind-blowing. Boxing and Muay Thai fights alternated with breaks for cultural entertainment and an eight-course meal with an open bar! I went kicking and screaming to the event last year because I didn’t want to see my husband get beat up. The open bar was what finally tipped the scale in favor of me going 😉 but the thrill of watching him win a belt last year was reason enough for me to go see him fight and retain his belt this year. And that he did with a great deal of panache. He won by knock-out within a minute of the first round! Oddly, I felt cheated. I wanted to see him really give it bad to his opponent!

Overall, it was a fun ride. Some very entertaining fights and even some superlative display of skill and style.

And ofcourse it was the open bar that really attracted me, again. However, I have, over the last 2 years learnt to like and appreciate the skill, control and commitment that comes with being a fighter. And I am proud to be married to one.

I don’t have very good pictures of the event as I was too busy cheering and enjoying myself 🙂



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