Sweet Moments. Sweeter Memories.

Last night was my last night out-on-the-town in Hong Kong. The evening started at the Wooloomooloo steakhouse in Tsim Sha Tsui and ended with quintessential Hong Kong fare at a local cafe chain called Tsui Wah Restaurant.

The view from Wooloomooloo was spectacular. The daily laser show that starts at 8pm, attracted the entire crowd at the restaurant to the open-air balcony. The food had this high benchmark to live up to already and it didn’t even come close! In any case a Corona beer and a couple of glasses of Argentinian Chiraz later I couldn’t have cared even if I ate a piece of cardboard! 😄 So after much banter and laughter the group I was with adventurously proceeded to try some typical Hong Kong all-day any-day snacks – condensed bun and hot coke with ginger.

I have eaten the condensed bun in various other versions previously so that seems innocuous. For those of you who don’t know, condensed bun is a bun cut into half with condensed milk spread on top. It’s quite delicious and yes I could love to have it again.

What seemed a bit of a challenge was the HOT Coke with ginger. In this drink the Coke is heated/boiled so it’s completely flat (sans sparkle) and while it is on the fire, slices of ginger are added to it. I suspect there is a bit of honey added to this concoction as well because it tastes sweeter than regular coke does. How does it taste, overall? Not bad at all! Would I have it again? Oh yes definitely. Although I’d prefer it a little less sweet but this is definitely memorable local fare. The local Hong Kong folks I was with said that they grew up eating and drinking these two things. In fact the hot Coke with ginger is a popular remedy for the common cold. It’s even made at home and administered by moms!

The Coke drink kinda reminded me of home. In India, Coke has another avatar called masala Coke. Salt, pepper and the juice of half a lime are added to Coke to make a rather savory drink. The Coke isn’t heated so it still has the carbonated zing that a lot of us are used to and kinda like.

All in all, last nights adventures have created another indelible memory of Hong Kong for me. My love affair with this place has intensified further. And as I spend my last day here I am thinking about when I will come back here again.

So till we meet again, Hong Kong. Thanks for the memories.




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