A Watchful Eye on Michael Kors

I really like watches from Michael Kors. They usually have large dials, they are shiny and they are glam! Unfortunately they aren’t available in my country. So when I traveled to London a while back, I did a very thorough online investigation of all the watches made my Michael Kors. I shortlisted the one I liked best and traced as an ‘available’ item at the Selfridges Store on Oxford Street. I could have bought it online but I think there is an undeniable charm in shopping in person especially for something one truly covets. And shopping in a foreign country comes with the additional perks of exploring a new place and meeting new people.

So I planned my shopping day that began at 8am with an open-top red bus tour of the city of London. I disembarked the bus at Marble Arch and walked up Oxford Street. I took in the sights and sounds and the cold winter breeze, and as soon as I saw Selfridges I took a deep breath and went in. For those of you who haven’t been to Selfidges, it’s a beautiful store and a shoppers delight. Warding off temptation I made my way across all the luxury brands and beauty counters to the section for watches. I asked for my watch by brand and serial number and to my delight it was still available! I saw the watch in person and it was even more desirable! It took me a fraction of a second to make my decision to buy it (£279). And that’s a decision I have not regretted to date.

The watch is a conversation started; with friends and strangers. Best of all it’s in my favorite metallic color – Rose Gold. It looks beautiful with a well tailored blouse but in my opinion it looks best with a plain crew neck tee or a sports jersey even. The contrast of a ‘dressy’ watch against a simple tee is beautiful in an oxymoron-kinda sense! The watch is a tad heavy on the wrist but that’s a small price to pay for glamour!

Enjoy checking it our here on the Selfridges website, where it is till available. http://www.selfridges.com/en/Womenswear/Brand-rooms/Brands/MICHAEL-KORS/Rose-gold-baguette-bezel-watch_759-10001-MK5412/?previewAttribute=Rose+gold




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