Matchy-Matchy or not?

I don’t remember the last time I matched the nail polish on my toenails to the nail polish on my fingernails. Going ‘matchy’ has always felt a little too done up to me. I would definitely do it for formal occasion or a wedding or a sit-down dinner. But on a daily basis I like mis-matched nail polish. It’s alot more fun and fashion-forward, I think. 

I went to the beauty salon today and treated myself to a mani and a pedi. The highlight of both is the soothing massage and the professionally applied nail polish at the end. I always carry my own nail polish to the salon as I am super particular about nail color. Today, I am wearing one of my all-time favorite colors from Chanel called Blue Satin ($30) on my fingernails and a happy fuchsia from Color Bar called Pink Lady ($3) on my toenails. 

Blue satin from Chanel is a staple.The color can never go out of fashion. It’s like a pair of good jeans. Always in vogue and goes-with-anything. It looks more like black in the pictures but trust me when I say it’s a gorgeous blue☺️ 

Pink Lady from Color bar is a mischievous color that’s perfect for peep-toe shoes. A peek of the color says volumes about the wearer’s playful mood. I would recommend it on a first date to draw attention to your fingers and/or toes. It’s bright, flirty and tremendously cheerful. The perfect pick-me-up color for any season. A quibble, it tends to stain nails so I would also recommend the application of a good base cost before the application of this nail polish.

Have a good day!  xx




One thought on “Matchy-Matchy or not?

  1. At first I thought it was black nail polish but then I read the name of it. Love dark blue shades! 🙂
    That pink’s a very lovely bright shade, too.
    And I don’t always match my toenails to my fingernails, either.

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