Conversations in an airplane

I hate people who talk loudly in airplanes. I think I hate them more than I hate crying babies in airplanes. I would rather sit next to a bawling baby for 3 hours in the confines of an airplane than I would sit next to obnoxiously loud men/women.
This outpouring of hatred is close on the heels of overhearing (in reality, being forced to overhear) a conversation between 2 particularly loud men sitting in the row behind me in a flight.
Man 1 (attempting to impress his non-Indian companion): My second son was an accident. I caught him hiding behind my wife’s diaphragm!
Man 2 is heard giggling politely.
Man 1(again…clearly his companion was not impressed by his macho ability to reproduce): A leading business daily interviewed and me and since then I have had VCs cueing up begging me to let them invest in my company. But I refused them all.
Man 2 is hear snoring softly. Ha! Nothing can impress him!
Man 1 (undeterred): I have uric acid build up.
Man 2 is heard snorting in his sleep and that unequivocally shuts up Man 1.

Thank you, god!



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